Terms & Conditions

Worldherbals offers a wide variety of products, live plants, seeds, and plant-derived products. While some of these products are labeled for consumption, we also offer a broad range of materials which are clearly not intended for human use. Unless otherwise stated and labeled, all materials should be considered as unfit for human consumption. By using this web site and its services you are agreeing that you understand that the products available via this web site are offered for herbarium specimen, collection, legitimate research, plant propagation, and/or ornamental purposes only. If any individual chooses to use these products for other purposes, it is the individual's own risk. We are not responsible regarding use or abuse of our products.

By ordering from Worldherbals the customer agrees to assume all responsibility to abide by all applicable laws. The customer understands that s/he is taking full liability for any personal injury, property damage or other damages sustained either directly by his or herself, or indirectly by another that may result from the purchase, use or misuse of anything ordered from Worldherbals. You must be 18 years or older (in some countries 21 years) to order from us. By placing an order, the customer accepts all responsibilities and declares that their actions are legal and in compliance with their local laws.

Equipment damaged in transit (ship by C.I.F. on client request) will be replaced upon return of the damaged items. The customer is responsible for incurring the cost and ensuring safe delivery of returned goods. Refunds on spent postage cannot be given. Products or Equipment that arrive damaged must be returned within seven days of arrival and in their original packaging. We cannot exchange products that have been damaged by customer mistreatment and neglect.

Products that are refused entry into your country by customs cannot be refunded, resent or exchanged unless they are returned to us in original closed packaging. Refunds on spent postage cannot be given. It is up to you to check your countries import laws before ordering. Consult the Terms & Conditions before your order.

Be familiar with your import regulations and instruct us when ordering. We are not responsible concerning import and customs regulations. It is up to you to check your local import laws before ordering. All orders will be send the regular way (by registered priority parcel post), at clients' risk.

All our live products (like cacti, magic truffles and mushroom growkits) are shipped at customers risk. They sometimes won't survive the shipping process due to their sensitive nature.

Worldherbals describes the common uses of many herbs. This is for informational purposes only, as we are not advising or prescribing herbs for any specific medical condition or for any specific use. Any information provided by Worldherbals, via this website, or by its employees over the phone, fax, email or other form of transmission is purely for educational purposes and should never be interpreted as a recommendation for a specific treatment plan, product, course of action.

Worldherbals does not provide specific medical advice, is not engaged in providing medical services and does not endorse any medical service or information obtained through or by any links to or from this site.

Do not take our products if you have a high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes or any other health problem. Do not take our products if you're pregnant, nursing, taking MAO inhibitors, medicines or any other (prescription) drug. Do not drive or operate heavy machinery while using our products. If you have any doubts, always ask your doctor and follow his advice.

We don't keep records on our clients, we don't sell (Email-) addresses and we don't hand over private information to other parties. We only store the credit card details on your request for a period of 3 months for eventual futures repeat orders. After 3 months also this information will be deleted.

All illustrations, pictures, design, text and logos on this website are copyrighted. Redistribution, retransmission, republication, or any commercial use of any of these contents is strictly prohibited without the written permission of Worldherbals. All rights reserved.

We reserve the right to change prices and conditions without prior notice.

Keep all products out of reach of children.