Ariocarpus kotschoubeyanus

20 seeds
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A. kotschoubeyanus are very flat geophyte cactus that produce small star-shaped rosettes. They in most cases don't reach more than only a few centimetres above the ground. Although they can form clumps, often only a small disc of tubercles can be seen flat at the soil surface, however these plants grow a large tap root below the surface of the compost.


The plants need deep pots to accommodate the napiform unit formed by the stem base and the rootstock , and a loose mineral soil with a well-drained substrate. They need a good amount of light, a place near the roof of the greenhouse helps drying the pot after watering. This can be done weekly during summertime, if the weather is sunny enough, with a little fertilizer added. Kept this way, plants will show a healthy, although slow growth. They are frost hardy to -10°C.

Seedlings dislike strong light and dry conditions and need to be repotted frequently. Eventually, as they become mature, they attain a maximum size of 5 to 9 cm. But plants are often grafted to accelerate growth as they would generally take at least a decade to reach maturity on their own, but the grafted plants are typical rather tall growing, compared with plants on their own roots that are usually very flat to the ground.
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