Ariocarpus retusus

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Ariocarpus retusus grows in the High Chihuahuan desert at altitudes of between 1300 and 2000 metres, on calcareous hillsides and occasionally gypsum plains. At lower altitudes (200 - 800m) of the Sierra Madre Oriental it is replaced by A. retusus ssp. trigonus.


This species is slow growing but certainly not as slow as some other types of cacti, it is of easy culture in a well drained, non-organic, free-draining soil compost, with ample water during the growing season. Use of a weak low-nitrogen fertilizer during the growing season can encourage growth. The main threat to their development is root rot. Ariocarpus should be kept dry whenever there is a threat of cold. The appearance of Ariocarpus can benefit greatly by watering the plants from the bottom. This practice will help to keep the “wool” on the top of the plant from becoming matted or discoloured. Need light shade to full sun. Frost Tolerance: Hardy to -10° C

It is probably the easiest species of the genus to raise from seed, but will generally take about 6-10 years to reach flowering size, occasionally grafted.
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