Calea zacatechichi (dream herb)

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Calea zacatechichi (bitter-grass or dream herb) is a plant native to Mexico and Central America that is valued for its ability to clear the senses, to induce visions in dreams, and as a healing plant in general.

The Chontal Indians of the Oaxaca region in Mexico have used Calea zacatechichi, which they call Thle-pelakano (meaning Leaf of God) for centuries as a herb that clarifies the senses and allows the medicine man to receive divinatory messages while dreaming and to see visions through their dreams. The plant has been tentatively identified as one of the plants adorning Aztec statues of Xochipilli.

Effects of Calea zacatechichi

Calea zacatechichi enhances the vividness and clarity of your dreams and makes it easier to recall them.

While the majority of the effects of Calea zacatechichi take place in the dream world, it has a noticeable impact on walking life as well. Ingesting Calea induces a state of relaxation, which is ideal before sleep and helps combat insomnia.

You might also notice a slight loss of coordination, but nothing major – this is due to the state of deep relaxation the herb puts you in. The state of relaxation and euphoria induced can last through the morning, giving you time to reflect on your dream experiences and the messages they convey.

How to use Calea zacatechichi

The leaves are usually smoked or drunk as tea. The effects can be felt with as little as two to three grams of dried leaf matter. The user knows that he or she has taken a large enough dose when a sense of tranquility and drowsiness is experienced, and when he or she hears the beats of his or her own heart and pulse. Calea tastes very bitter, so when made into a tea sweeten with a little sugar or honey.
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