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From the makers of the acclaimed DaVinci comes the Ascent: a high quality portable vaporizer that will redefine the portable vaporizing experience. It is the first glass-on-glass vaporizer, resulting in extraordinary tasteful, smooth vapour. In addition, the Ascent incorporates a number of unique and highly innovative features, such as a motion-sensor shutdown and programmable vape cycles.


Utilizing an all glass air path, the Ascent produces extremely pure, flavourful vapour. The glass mouthpiece is retractable, preventing it from shock and damage when not in use. Cleaning is easy, as both the mouth piece and air path can be taken out. The bottom part of the vape swivels out for convenient loading of the chamber.

Precision temperature control

A clear OLED display reads out the current and set temperature (in Celsius or Fahrenheit). Temperature precision control ranges from 0°C to 221°C. With a heat-up time of less than one minute, the Ascent is one of the fastest battery charged vaporizers available.

Up to 2 hours of continuous vaporization

The Ascent's high capacity lithium-ion battery allows for up to 120 minutes of continuous vaporizing, making it the world's longest lasting battery seen in a portable vaporizer today! What's more, the Ascent can be used while charging, eliminating waiting time.

Personalize your vaporizing experience

Customizable vape-cycles allow the user to adjust the setting of vaporizer temperature automatically. For example, the vaporizer can be set to slowly increase the temperature every 3 minutes.

A programmable, built-in motion sensor will automatically shut down the Ascent when it is not in use, helping to preserve battery life.


  • 1 Ascent Vaporizer
  • 1 user manual
  • 1 extra glass straw set
  • 1 screen set which contains 3 screens and a metal pick
  • 2 glass oil jars
  • 1 oplader
  • 1 suede opbergtasje
  • 1 DaVinci social card
  • 1 Ascent sticker
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