Flowermate V5.0 Pro

Portable vaporizer
Product information


The FlowerMate V5.0 Pro is a highly efficient portable herb vaporizer that simply delivers. It differentiates from the other Flowermate family members with a few cool new features that'll significantly improve your vaping experience.

The Pro upgrade

The Pro upgrade is equipped with an LCD display, fully customizable temperature setting and heats up to a maximum of 230°C in just 30 seconds. Simply use the + and - buttons to set your preferred temperature. The display shows the current and set temperatures and allows to switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit. It also shows the remaining battery life, so no more sudden disappointments!

Steady quality

This vaporizer will never burn your herb. It releases a high and constant amount of vapour. Due to its re-engineered ceramic chamber it heats up faster than ever: in just 30 seconds.

Lasting performance

Armed with two 2600 mAh Samsung batteries, the FlowerMate lasts upwards of 10 full vaping sessions (2.5 hours). This means it outperforms almost every other portable vaporizer.
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