Kulu Pipe Cleaner

Product information
The Pipe Cleaner is a specially developed concentrated detergent for cleaning pipes, water pipes and bongs. It can also be used to clean other smoking accessories such as grinders or vaporizer parts.

Cleaning your weed-pipe or water pipe is important in order to preserve the good taste of your smoking materials; it will also extend the life of your water pipe, vaporizer or weed pipe.

The pipe cleaner is concentrated, so you have to dilute it: 1 part pipe cleaner to 5 parts water. To clean your pipe, add the solution and let it soak for 5 minutes. After cleaning the bong or vaporizer component, rinse thoroughly with water.

The Kulu Pipe cleaner is suitable for use with various materials like metal, plastic and glass.

Pipe cleaner bottle content: 500 ml.
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