Mushbag (Rye or Rice)

1400 grams

Product information


One of the most difficult aspects of the home cultivation of edible mushrooms is the production of good spawn. Of course you can get busy with glass jars and bird food, but why would you? The Mushbag is a culture bag with heat-treated substrate that's suitable for the spawn production of most edible mushrooms. Because some mushrooms grow better on one substrate than on the other, we supply the Mushbag in two versions: rye and rice.

Mushroom spawn has two applications. It's used to spawn bulk substrates like compost, and it's used as a substrate for species that can produce mushrooms directly from the spawn itself. In some cases it's necessary to cover the substrate with a layer of casing soil or vermiculite to stimulate pinhead formation.

It's fitted with an air filter and rubber injection port that seals the bag hermetically after injection with liquid inoculant (a syringe containing spores or mycelium). Each mushbag contains approximately 1400 grams of rice or rye.

We sell the MushBag without spores or mycelium.

Mushbag Rice

Especially the truffles grow very well on rice, showing no brown/black spots common with other substrates. Cubensis species don't grow so well on rice. If you would like to grow cubensis we advice to use a rye based substrate.

Mushbag Rye

The Mushbag contains sterilized rye grain that's suitable for the spawn production of most edible mushroom species, Each mushbag contains over 1400 grams of rye, which usually gives a yield of one to one and a half kilos of fresh mushrooms.
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