Paraxine ®

20 capsules
Product information

Breaks down alcohol faster?

You know how unpleasant it is when you drink too much and must be clear headed and fresh the next morning. Research shows that more than 55% alcohol is broken down within the first hour already after taking Paraxine than without it. Asparagin is the main ingredient of Paraxine and breaks down alcohol in the blood. So use Paraxine if you need to wake up fresh the next morning.

No more hangovers

Paraxine is adviced to accelerates the sobering up and is used by many people allover the world. It is used for several reasons:

- if you want to wake up without a hangover - men who still want to perform sexually after drinking alcohol - after a reception in the afternoon, to start the evening soberly - after a business lunch to conclude a meeting in the best conditions - after going out for a party, to wake up totally fresh the next morning

Safe to use?

Asparagin, the main ingredient of Paraxine, is an amino acid produced by the human body itself. This substance breaks down alcohol in the blood and is safe to use.