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Discreetvape is back, introducing their smallest and most powerful vaporizer to date. The new PUFFiT-2 is perfect for dry blends and concentrates while keeping true to super discreet design. Heating up takes less than 1 minute and haptic feedback will tell you when the desired temperature is reached. Users can choose from four preset temperatures allow to create the preferred type of vapour. Charging the PUFFiT-2 vaporizer is fast and easy through micro-USB (the same type most smartphones use). Recharge anywhere you find a USB port!

These improvements and new features make the PUFFiT-2 the most advanced stealth vaporizer currently available.


Innovative design and advanced materials for the heat chamber allow for thicker, more flavourful vapour. A 2200 mAh rechargeable li-ion battery provides for up to 40 uses (inhalations) per battery charge. With an average heat-up time between 30 and 45 seconds, the PUFFiT-2 is among the fastest (battery-powered) portable vaporizers to heat up available today.


With the size (and shape) of an actual inhaler, the PUFFiT-2 guarantees the most discreet way to vaporize. The modular design makes it easy to replace parts when necessary.

Dual application: Herbs and concentrates

The PUFFiT-2 handles both herbs and concentrates, making it an extremely versatile vaporizer. A special concentrate attachment is included to easily vaporize concentrates.

Variable temperatures

Four pre-set temperatures (ranging between 170°C to 220°C) will cater to the needs of most vapour-enthusiasts. To use the PUFFiT-2 with concentrates, temperature setting 4 is recommended.

PUFFiT 2 advanced features

The PUFFiT-2 automatically shuts off after 3 minutes, to preserve battery life and prevent overheating. Users can also manually turn off the vaporizer by rapidly pressing the cap of the battery 3 or 4 times.


PUFFiT-2 vaporizer (in black or blue)
1 silicon heat shield
1 USB charger
1 packing tool
1 concentrate screen
4 replacement screens
1 instruction manual
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