Sapo/Kambo Sticks

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A Kambo Stick is a small wooden stick, with on its surface the dried secretions of a bright green tree frog called the Phyllomedusa bicolor. "Kambo", "Kampo" or "Sapo" is used by Amazonian tribes indigenous to the western Amazon region. The Matses tribe traditionally uses it to obtain strenght, aim and dexterity for the hunting. The utilization of this frog venom is shared by numerous other Amazonian tribes, including the Matis, Kanamari, Kaxinawa, Katukina, Kulina, Yaminawa, Marubo, and Ticuna tribes.

Kambo venom is collected on a stick and dried. Its surface contains the dried secretions of the Phyllomedusa bicolor. As the sticks are all handmade by different tribesmen, each Kambo stick is unique. The sticks come with a wooden applicator.


The use and application of this product, based on the historical and scientific context provided in the product descriptions and articles, is solely at the customer's risk. This product is a specimen of ethnographic value and interest only and is delivered with no express or implied fitness for any purpose.
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