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Vaporizing with the Vapo2 ® is done without tobacco, so if you don't smoke or you quit that nasty habit, you can still enjoy various herbs. The Vapo2 ® works by heating substances to a temperature that releases the active ingredients in many herbs.

An aromatic taste of the herbs that is soft and gentle for the lungs is produced by the Vapo2 ®. The essential oils of the herbs will actually vaporize into a thin mist. This vapour, containing the active ingredients, essential oils and flavours can be inhaled from the glass tube.

The glass design of the Vapo2 ® makes it possible to have an overview of the process.

You need less herbs as you can re-use one dose 3 to 4 times in the Vapo2 ® with a good result. With the Vapo2 ®, there is a step-by-step release of the active ingredients. The Vapo2 ® will turn any herb or oil into a vapour without burning. Vapour contains no smoke, significantly less heat than smoke, and almost no carcinogens or other toxic elements. The Vapo2 ® provides smokers with an alternative to smoking!

When you burn herbs in a cigarette or pipe there are a lot of unwanted side effects from the high heat. The most distressing of these is the destruction and loss of active ingredients. Burning herbs, instead of vaporizing them, will produce all sorts of chemical by-products that can damage your lungs. With the Vapo2 ® you avoid inhaling carbon monoxide and tar.

What the Vapo2 ® does is different from any smoking devices. Your herbs are gently heated to the point where active ingredients are vaporized and released but never reaches combustion temperature. Medicinal Value

Herbs belong to the safest therapeutically active substances known. They have a wide variety of applications; relief from nausea, increase of appetite and reduction of muscle spasms.

If you are concerned about the dangers of inhaling any sort of smoke...
Use the Vapo2 ® !!
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