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Nymphaea caerulea (blauwe lotus) 25 gram gedroogde bloemen

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De blauwe lotusbloem (Nymphaea caerulea) staat ook bekend als blauwe waterlelie of Egyptische lotus. Blauwe lotus heeft zowel een verdovend als een euforisch effect, en is in een hogere dosis licht hallucinogeen. Men zegt dat de bloem ook de seksuele opwinding verhoogt en een potentieverhogend effect heeft.
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Categorie: Ontspannend, Psychedelisch, Vaporizer kruiden
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The Blue water lily was sacred to the ancient Egyptians and is been admired, painted, grown and revered for thousands of years. God of the Blue water lily in ancient Egypt was Nefertem, Lord of Perfume. The flower is very frequently depicted in Egyptian art. It has been depicted in numerous stone carvings and paintings including the walls of the famous temple of Karnak.

The lily is frequently depicted in connection with "party scenes" dancing or in significant spiritual magical rites such as the rite of passage into the afterlife. Nymphaea caerulea was considered extremely significant in Egyptian mythology since it was said to rise and fall with the sun

The flowers of the blue lily containing apomorphine, nuciferine and natural opiate-alkaloids. Monarchs and priests of ancient Egypt known this plant as a narcotic both for its healing qualities and as a recreational drug (soaked in wine). Probably it contains apomorphine and a substance called nuciferine, soluble in alcohol but not known to be psychoactive. The effects of the Blue lotus are both narcotic and euphoric, becoming slightly hallucinogenic at higher doses. It is also said that the flower increases sexual arousal and has a potency enhancing effect.
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