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Acorus calamus (sweet flag) Dried roots

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Acorus calamus has a very long history of traditional use in Chinese and Indian herbal traditions. Small doses have a euphoric, stimulating effect, while higher doses can cause mild visual hallucinations.
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Category: Energizing herbs, Psychedelic herbs
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Acorus calamus (also called Sweet Flag or Calamus, among many common names) is a perennial herb that grows on the water's edge and in wetlands. It is common throughout North America, Europe and Asia. The scented leaves and more strongly scented rhizomes (roots) have traditionally been used to make fragrances.

Effects of calamus

The most important effect of the herb is that it is stimulating, uplifting, and has a positive effect on the libido. A small dose has a euphoric effect, higher dosages may cause a mildly hallucinogenic effect.

How to use sweet flag

For a stimulating effect soak 20 grams (approx. 1 oz) calamus in half a litre water and boil it for a while. Sift it and drink a few cups. It has a stronger effect when used on an empty stomach. For a strong consciousness expanding effect you can raise the dosage. When using powdered roots, use 2 to 5 teaspoons, depending on the desired effect.
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