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Canavalia maritima (bay bean) 50 grams dried leaves

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Dried leaves of Canavalia maritima (bay bean) have been used as an entheogen in ancient Mexican rituals. Mazatecs and other tribal groups considered bay bean a sacred plant. Allthough it has very little effect on its own, it is well known to be an extremely strong potentiator of many herbs, like kanna and salvia.
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Canavalia maritima (Canavalia rosea) is a species of flowering plant of the genus Canavalia in the pea family, Fabaceae. Common names include beach bean, bay bean, seaside jack-bean, and MacKenzie bean. C. maritima inhabits upper beaches, cliffs, and dunes throughout the world's coastal tropics. It is highly salt-tolerant and prefers sandy soils.

Canavalia maritima is another curious potential entheogen. There are many stories around this plant, it was considered important and sacred enough to be placed in graves in and around the area by the Mazatecs and other tribal groups. Dried leaves have been used as entheogen, a component to some ancient rituals. In ancient Peru, the fruit and leaves had ritual and magical use. In South America and Gulf Coast of Mexico, beans of C. maritima are ingested or smoked with the dried leaves as marijuana.

Effects of bay bean

The effects are no more intense than the average cigarette, and certainly not strong enough to be labeled a "drug". Nevertheless, the psychoactive effects of this keen natural gem are un-deniable. It produces a calming body-sensation, and is soothing to the mind.

This plant not only smokes good on it's own, but it also seems to potentiate the effects of other plants or synthetic chemicals it is smoked with. Kanna for instance seems to mix well with bay bean, although reports are uncommon. Blends which contain Salvia divinorum have been reportedly quadrupled in effect. The plant contains L-Betonicine, which is the active ingrediënt.

How to use bay bean

Traditional use in South America and the Gulf Coast of Mexico is drinking a tea made from the leaves. The leaves can also be smoked; on it's own or in herbal blends.
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