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Heimia salicifolia (sinicuichi) 50 grams dried leaves

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Heimia salicifolia (sinicuichi, sun opener, or elixir of the sun) is best known for it's auditory hallucigenic properties. Other effects include euphoria, general relaxation and improved memory. Sinicuichi is native to the Americas, ranging from Texas and New Mexico through Mexico and Central America to Argentina.
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Sinicuichi Heimia (also known as sinicuichi, sun opener, or elixir of the sun) is a flowering shrub native to the Americas ranging from the southwestern United States (Texas and New Mexico) through Mexico and Central America to Argentina. This plant may have been employed by the Aztecs during trance rituals. It has been identified as one of the flowers on the Aztec statue of Xochipilli, God of Flowers and Dance. The natives hold Sinicuichi to be sacred and endowed with supernatural powers and that it helps them recall vividly the auditory events of many years earlier.

Heimia Salicifolia is not believed to be addictive. The psychoactive properties of the plant have led to its notoriety as a "legal high," although the effects of Sinicuichi are relatively mild and very short lived in comparison to other entheogenic plants.

Effects of sinicuichi

Vertine, also known as cryogenine is regarded as the primary psychoactive component and is also generally the most abundant constituent of alkaloidal extracts. Clinically demonstrated effects include anticholinergic anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, hyperglycemic, hypotensive, sedative, tranquilizer, and vasodilator activity.

Some of the effects may include the experience of a deep sense of calmness and unity, and the ability to recall the past, even prenatal events, with great clarity.
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