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Velvet bean (Mucuna pruriens)100 g

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Mucuna Pruriens, more commonly known as Velvet Bean is a tropical legume native to Africa and tropical Asia but is now widely naturalized and cultivated. Velvet Bean contains a naturally occurring precursor to dopamine, also known as the “feel good” hormone or chemical messenger which plays an important role in cognitive function, emotion, and mood. Velvet Bean may help promote focus, relaxation, and a good mood.
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History of Velvet Bean

Mucuna Pruriens or Velvet Bean is an annual climbing tropical legume with long vines that can reach over 15 meters in length. When the plant is young it is almost completely covered with fuzzy hairs which causes extreme itchiness on contact.

Its common names in English include Monkey Tamarind, Velvet Bean, Bengal Velvet Bean, Florida Velvet Bean, Mauritius Velvet Bean, Cowage, Cowitch, Yokohoma Velvet Bean, Lacuna Bean, and Lyon Bean.

As it gets older, Velvet Bean bears white, lavender, or purple flowers and develops seed pods up to 15cm long with 3 to 6 seeds per pod. By now the plant is almost completely free of hair, except the pods which are covered in orange, bristle-like hairs maintaining Velvet Bean’s notorious quality of causing severe itch that is why the plant is also known as Cowitch.

In many parts of the world, Velvet Bean is used as forage for animals. Since the plant is a legume, it fixes nitrogen and fertilizes the soil.

The most important compound found in Velvet Bean is L-Dopa, an amino acid needed by the brain to produce dopamine, a hormone, and neurotransmitter that plays an important role in motivation, pleasure, and emotions. If the body can’t produce sufficient dopamine, this can lead to lethargy, learning difficulties, and an inability to focus. When taken as a supplement, Velvet Bean can help increase dopamine concentrations in the nervous system.

Velvet Bean is originally from Southern China and eastern India but is now cultivated throughout Africa and Asia. In the Himalayas and Mauritius, pods and beans from the plant are boiled and eaten. In Guatemala and Mexico, it is roasted and ground to make a coffee substitute widely known in the region as “Nescafé”.

Effects of Velvet Bean

When administered properly, Velvet bean can help;

  • Boost mood and sense of well being
  • Relax
  • Improve sex drive

Velvet Bean Uses and Dosage

There are several ways of using Velvet Beans.

  • Coffee-like Beverage – When left on the plant, the green pods of Velvet Bean will dry out and turn hard. The hardened beans can be roasted and then ground just like coffee. You can make the ground beans to make a coffee-like beverage.

    Recommended Dosage – A daily dose of 5g or 1 teaspoon is recommended.

  • Supplement – The powder made from the grounded Velvet Beans can be used as a daily health supplement as well. It can be taken by mixing with water, adding it to juice or yogurt.

    Recommended Dosage – The recommended dosage remains the same as for making Velvet Bean coffee i.e., 5g or 1 teaspoon a day.

It is best not to use Velvet beans for prolonged periods. Take a break after using them for a few weeks to avoid dependency and/or any side effects.

Storage advice

Keep Velvet Bean in its original packaging in a dry and cool place, out of the reach of children.


It is best to avoid taking Velvet Bean in any form when pregnant or breastfeeding. Neither it is advised to be administered to children.

Due to L-dopa in Velvet Bean, it should be avoided or used cautiously by people with cardiovascular disease. L-dopa can cause low blood pressure resulting in dizziness and fainting. In extreme cases, L-dopa can cause pounding or irregular heartbeat.

Velvet Bean can lower blood sugar levels. If you are diabetic, please consult your general practitioner before using Velvet Bean. The medication for diabetes may need to be adjusted.

Since Velvet Bean might affect blood sugar levels, it might interfere with medications used during surgery for maintaining blood sugar levels. Stop taking Velvet Bean at least 2 weeks before any scheduled surgery.

It is best to avoid taking Velvet Bean if using any prescription drugs such as antidepressants, sedatives, medications used for treating high blood pressure, diabetes, and antipsychotic drugs.

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