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Banisteriopsis caapi (Ourinhos)Shredded, 50 g

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Banisteriopsis caapi, better known as caapi or yagé, is a type of liana from the Amazon rainforest that is used in Ayahuasca brews due to its MAO-inhibiting properties.
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Banisteriopsis Caapi

Using Banisteriopsis caapi can induce a highly intense psychedelic experience. It comes from the Amazon rainforest, where indigenous shamans have been using it for centuries for its hallucinatory effects.

Banisteriopsis caapi, better known as caapi or yagé, is a type of liana. Due to its MAO-inhibiting properties, this liana is used in Ayahuasca brews. This type of liana boasts more than 40 different varieties. Worldherbals offers the 2 best-known varieties in its product range:

  • Ourinhos
  • Trueno

Ourinhos means 'little gold' and this variety is the preferred choice especially among indigenous church communities. The Santo Daime religion, now practiced worldwide, is one example of these communities. Trueno means 'thunder', an apt description for the intense effects it has on the body.

Traditional use with DMT

Shamans often use caapi together with plants that contain DMT (dimethyltryptamine) to enter an altered state of mind. DMT induces an immediate psychedelic, visionary experience. However, DMT is normally broken down by enzymes when taken orally. This makes it non-psychoactive. Adding Banisteriopsis caapi to the infusion deactivates these enzymes temporarily. This is due to the inhibiting properties of the MAO (monoamine oxidase).

Caapi is also sometimes combined with magic mushrooms. This often produces a more intense experience.

Dose and Effects

The dose depends on personal considerations and sensitivity levels. The purpose of use is also a factor, of course. A dose between 25 grams and 150 grams is generally chosen. When a DMT plant species is added to an Ayahuasca brew, the following doses apply:

  • Mild trip: 50 grams
  • Normal trip: 100 grams
  • Very strong trip: between 100 and 150 grams


The period of effect for Banisteriopsis caapi used on its own or mixed in an Ayahuasca brew depends on the dose. Body weight and initial mood are also influencing factors. On average, the first effects start within 60 to 90 minutes. The ensuing trip will last between 2 and 6 hours.

Storage Recommendations

Always keep caapi out of the reach of children. Choose a cool and dry storage location.


Caution: Banisteriopsis caapi contains MAO inhibitors. Use of this product in combination with some types of psychoactive ingredients or certain types of food could be extremely hazardous. This concerns food that contains tyramine.


This product is intended as a botanical specimen and is not suitable for human consumption. This text is written for informational purposes only and is based on research published by other external sources.

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