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Ololiuhqui (Rivea corymbosa)20 seeds

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Rivea corymbosa (ololiuhqui) is a plant from Latin America that is closely related to morning glory. Just as with morning glory, the seeds contain the substance LSA.
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Rivea Corymbosa (Ololiuhqui)

The magical plant species Rivea corymbosa (ololiuhqui) is originally from Latin America. The plant can be found from Mexico to Peru. Ololiuhqui belongs to the same family as the Ipomoea tricolor (morning glory). Like morning glory, ololiuhqui is also known for the hallucinogenic effects of its seeds as well as the beauty of the vine itself.

The seeds of the ololiuhqui are called LSA (lysergic acid amide) seeds. This means that the effects and chemical structure share some similarities with LSD. The effects of ololiuhqui are less intense than its relative LSD.

It was the indigenous people of Mexico who first used ololiuhqui. Its use is still common today. In Oaxaca, for example, ololiuhqui is used in seeking answers. In addition, Aztec priests used the seeds for their psychedelic effects. This helped them communicate with the gods. Ololiuhqui is also known as a traditional medicine in Mexico. It is even seen as a miracle cure if used in the right way.

Traditional Use of Ololiuhqui

If you want to use the Rivea corymbosa (ololiuhqui) according to traditional custom, you first have grind the seeds into a fine powder. Then add the finely ground seeds to a half cup of water. This will allow the substance to soften. Once it has become soft enough, you can drink the liquid and eat the seeds. You can also chew the seeds instead of grinding them.

Dose for Ololiuhqui

According to tradition, a dose of 14 to 22 ololiuhqui seeds is used. You can find more information in: R. Gordon Wasson, 'Ololiuhqui and the other hallucinogens of Mexico' in the 'Homenaje a Roberto J. Weitlaner', from 1971. Whether or not the effects can be felt here depends on the user and his or her state of mind. Some users only notice an effect after they have taken 60 to 100 seeds. Also with ololiuhqui, it is usually necessary to experiment a little before you can find the ideal amount of seeds.

Effects of Ololiuhqui

With ololiuhqui, you do not experience any direct hallucinatory effects such as with magic mushrooms and LSD. An ololiuhqui trip can be best compared to morning glory, also an LSA. The ancient indigenous people of Mexico spoke of strong visions even at low doses. It is also important to point out that the effects were reinforced by the rites, cultural ceremonies and shamanic guidance they experienced.

Effects and Side Effects

The main psychoactive substance in Rivea corymbosa (ololiuhqui) is ergine. Ergine induces a kind of trance-like experience for the user - as if they were dreaming. Some users mention being in a state similar to sleep in which they saw visions. Because nausea can occur after taking ololiuhqui, allowing the seeds to germinate for a period of 3 to 4 days is recommended. Keep the seeds moist during this period, and change the water regularly. After this period is over, remove the outermost shells and eat the white part on the inside of the seed skin. This will help minimise any symptoms of physical discomfort such as nausea and vomiting.

Storage Recommendations

You can order a bag of 25 Rivea corymbosa (ololiuhqui) seeds from Worldherbals. Please be aware that use by individuals under the age of 18 is not permitted. Keep the Rivea corymbosa (ololiuhqui) out of the reach and sight of children. It is best to store ololiuhqui in a cool and dark place.


Caution: there are a few things to take into account before using, ingesting or considering the use of ololiuhqui. Ololiuhqui may not be consumed if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. The use of ololiuhqui is also strongly discouraged if you are feeling scared, sad, gloomy or depressed. Is there any form of schizophrenia in your family? Then do not use ololiuhqui. Do not operate a motor vehicle after taking this type of LSA.

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