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Sinicuichi (Heimia salicifolia)Shredded, 50 g

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Heimia Salicifolia, more commonly known as Sinicuichi is a species of flowering plant in the loosestrife family, Lythraceae. It is native to the Americas raging from southwestern United States (Texas and New Mexico) through Mexico and Central America to Argentina. Sinicuichi foliage has been a favorite among shamans for a long time and continues to be used for its psychedelic properties to date.
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History of Sinicuichi

Heimia Salicifolia or Sinicuichi is a deciduous, densely-branched flowering shrub that prefers hot, sunny, tropical areas. Some of the other names Heimia Salicifolia is known as are Shrubby Yellowcrest, Sinicuichi, Sun Opener, Sini, and Willow-leaf Heimia. Sinicuichi grows up to 3m tall and as wide and is relatively easy to cultivate. The plant features narrow green leaves, 6 petal yellow flowers from spring to fall, and moderately attractive red stems. Sinicuichi is a psychoactive and is reputed for producing visual and/or auditory hallucinations. Its leaves have been used for their medicinal and psychotropic effects since the time of the Aztecs.

Gordon Wasson (an ethnomycologist) linked Sinicuichi to the Aztec god of spring and desire, Xochipilli. Gordon suggested that the naturalistic flower elements that appear on the Aztec statue of Xochipilli are the flora of Sinicuichi. Wasson’s hypothesis connecting Sinicuichi to Xochipilli has never been substantiated.

The modern and most verifiable account of Sinicuichi use can be traced back to the 1800s. Many indigenous tribes throughout Mexico used the herb for various medicinal and spiritual purposes either by preparing it into a fermented tea or healing salves.

The primary use of Sinicuichi in Mexican folk medicine is for fertility. Infertile women soak in a bath prepared with Sinicuichi leaves among other herbs and essential oils. Sinicuichi is also an ingredient in the tea used to promote conception. Sometimes the herb is burned before bedtime to aid in dream work.

Sinicuichi is reported to cause a yellow tint to the vision, hence sometimes it is also referred to as Sun Opener. The herbal tea is prepared by letting the fresh or dried leaves soak in cool water, and placing the mixture in the sun to brew and ferment for at least 24 hours. The Shamans believe that during the fermentation process, the knowledge of the sun is embedded into the potion giving it its mind-opening, spiritual powers, and creating the elixir of the sun.

Effect of Sinicuichi

When administered properly, Sinicuichi has a psychedelic effect and can help;

  • Relax
  • Induce Euphoria
  • Induce lucid dreams

Sinicuichi Uses and Dosage

Sinicuichi is best taken in form of fermented tea. To make the herbal tea, place 10g of dried Sinicuichi leaves in a mason or any other clean airtight jar. Pour a cup of hot water and let it seep for about 10 minutes. Once the water has cooled down, lid the jar and place it in sun for a day. Strain the tea through a cheesecloth or coffee filter. The tea is ready to drink.

Sinicuichi tea is not bitter but neither has a pleasant taste. One can add flavored tea bags before drinking it to make the tea more palatable.

The effect of Sinicuichi tea is experienced in 20 mins after drinking the brew and fades in approximately 2 hours.

Storage advice

Keep Sinicuichi in its original packaging in a dry and cool place, out of the reach of children.


It is not advised to use Sinicuichi in children, and pregnant or breastfeeding women. Do not drive or operate heavy machinery after consuming the herb. Though there are no reported side effects, over-indulgence may cause a golden yellow tinge to the vision, lasting for up to a day. In some extreme cases, using large doses of Sinicuichi for a prolonged period may cause short-term memory loss.

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Content:50 g

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