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Rapé is a snuff that's originally used by indigenous tribes from Brazil. There are many different types of Rapé, all with different herbs in it. The main component, however, is always tobacco of a variety called Nicotiana Rustica, which contains a high level of nicotine. Due to the stimulating effects of nicotine, Rapé has an uplifting effect.

How to use rapé

The traditional way to take Rapé is the soplada where another person blows the powder into your nose. However, you can also take Rapé by yourself when you use a special wooden pipe called kuripe.

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Rapé Bobinsana Rapé Bobinsana 5 g €15,00Out of stock
Rapé Caapi Rapé Caapi 5 g
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Rapé Guarumo Rapé Guarumo 5 g
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Rapé Guayusa Rapé Guayusa 5 g
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Rapé Kanna Rapé Kanna 5 g €15,00Out of stock
Rapé Mai Joshim Rapé Mai Joshim 5 g
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Rapé Matico Rapé Matico 5 g
€15,00In stock
Rapé Pure Mapacho Rapé Pure Mapacho 5 g €15,00Out of stock
Rapé Tsunu Rapé Tsunu 5 g
€15,00In stock