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Maconha brava (Zornia latifolia)Shredded, 25 g

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The dried leaves and flower buds of Maconha Brava were used by the Native Americans in Brazil as a cannabis substitute for its calming and mildly euphoric effects.
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Maconha Brava (Zornia Latifolia)

Zornia Latifolia, commonly known as Maconha Brava, is a flowering plant native to South America. Over the years the plant has spread to other regions including Central and North America. Maconha Brava has also been naturalized in western tropical Africa due to extensive cultivation and can now sustain itself almost as a wild weed. In the local language, the name Maconha Brava means false marijuana. Maconha Brava is known for its cannabis-like effect, only slightly milder. It is most commonly used for its relaxing and euphoric effects on humans.

History of Maconha Brava

Zornia Latifolia also known as Maconha Brava is a flowering plant belonging to the legume family called Fabaceae. This species has its origins in South America however, over the years it has spread to Central and North America. The species has also been naturalized in western tropical Africa due to extensive cultivation by locals and can now sustain itself as a wild weed. In the local language, the name Maconha Brava means false marijuana. Its dried leaves and flower buds are used by the Brazilian Indians as a substitute for cannabis owing to its hallucinogenic properties.

Maconha Brava is a perennial herb that grows to a length of about 50cm. Its leaves are bifoliolate, each made up of two lance-shaped leaves that are up to 4cm long. The inflorescence of Maconha Brava is a spike comprising about 35 yellow blooms; each flower measuring about 1cm in length. The flowers of Maconha Brava open for a brief period of 5-10 hours and are usually covered with bracelets that are longer than the flowers themselves giving a very short window to appropriately harvest them.

Maconha Brava bears fruit similar to peas that are most succulent and contain compounds beneficial to humans.

Effects of Maconha Brava

The tea prepared from Maconha Brava leaves and flowers has a cannabis-like effect. When administered properly, Maconha Brava can help;

  • Attain a sense of Euphoria
  • Induce calm
  • Relax
  • Energize

Maconha Brava Uses and Dosage

The most commonly used parts of Maconha Brava are its leaves, flowers, and fruits. The leaves and flowers are used to prepare tea and the pea-like fruits are added to the diet in small quantities.

Maconha Brava tea - Soak 1g of the herb (in form of dried leaves or powder) in 1 cup of hot water for about 15 minutes. Drink slowly within 45 minutes. Honey can be added to the brew for flavor.

Culinary uses of Maconha Brava - The peas from the Maconha Brava plant can also be used in everyday cooking. However, the peas need to be boiled before consumption as they are covered in hard shells. A small quantity of these peas can also be added to cold salads. Dried Maconha Brava flowers can be used as spices to give a special flavor to the dishes.

Storage advice

Keep Maconha Brava in its original packaging in a dry and cool place, out of the reach of children.


It is advised not to use Maconha Brava regularly for long periods. It is best to avoid using Maconha Brava during pregnancy, breastfeeding, or in children.

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Content:50 g

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