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Marihuanilla (Leonurus Sibiricus)Shredded, 50 g

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Leonurus Sibiricus, also known as Marihuanilla, is a flowering plant native to China, Taiwan, Korea, Mongolia, Russia, and Siberia. It is often used as a substitute for Cannabis, and has long been used for its relaxing effects, as well as in religious and spiritual settings. Its effects are similar to that of Klip Dagga and the more potent Wild Dagga, but milder.
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History of Marihuanilla

Leonurus Sibiricus, more commonly known as Marihuanilla, is a plant native to China, Taiwan, Korea, Mongolia, Russia, and Siberia, but also grows in Brazil, Mexico, Malaysia, Japan, and India. It’s an annual or biennial plant that can grow to a height of 2 meters. Marihuanilla has distinctive flowers with white or reddish to purple-red corolla (petals), with an oblong upper lip extending outwards in comparison to the lower lip, which is shorter and is notched at the tip.

Some of the other names for Leonurus Sibiricus are Honeyweed, Siberian Motherwort, Little Marijuana, Rokdrone, Guma, Kacangma, Erva-de-Macaé, and Mi Amor.

Marihuanilla has long been used in various settings, from traditional medicine to ritual ceremonies. Whereas Hindus of India have used its flowers as offerings during devotional rites, the Chinese have used the plant for treating a wide range of ailments. Ever since it was first mentioned in the ancient Chinese ‘Book of Songs’ (ca. 1000-500 BCE), the Chinese have been using it in their traditional medicine, but also as an ingredient in their cooking as young Marihuanilla leaves are eaten as vegetables and its roots are cooked together with pork.

The ‘Book of Songs’ is not the only piece of world literature referencing Marihuanilla though, as it is also featured in Carlos Castaneda's ‘The teachings of Don Juan’, where it was it was described as the personal ‘little helper’ of the protagonist Don Juan.

Leonurus Sibiricus’ most common nickname, Marihuanilla, originates from both it having a similar appearance to, as its use as being a substitute for Cannabis, or Marijuana, as it has similar effects, but only much milder, and favors from not having any legal restrictions.

Marihuanilla is an excellent plant for both decorating and attracting wildlife to one’s garden as the nectar-rich flowers attract both bees and butterflies.

Effects of Marihuanilla

When enjoyed in the form of tea, or inhaled through vaping, Marihuanilla has mild psychoactive effects and can help relax, calm you down and slightly heighten your senses. Most users also experience a sense of Euphoria.

Marihuanilla Uses and Dosage

Marihuanilla can be used either in form of tea or vaped.

To make Marihuanilla tea add 1-3 teaspoons (5-15ml) of dried herb to 1 cup (250ml) of boiling water and let it seep for 10-15 minutes. A little honey or lemon can be added for taste.

Vaping Marihuanilla is another way of consuming the herb. Add a small amount of Marihuanilla to your favorite herb vaporizer along with your choice of base herbs or by themselves. Set the vaporizer temperature between 150 °C - 175 °C for optimal results. A mixture of Wild Dagga and Marihuanilla makes for an excellent vaping blend.

Cultivating Marihuanilla

Marihuanilla is a plant native to a subtropical climate and grows quickly with little extra care. It is very easily grown in medium to well-drained soil exposed to the sun. Marihuanilla can be grown from seeds. It grows annually or biennially, having a short lifecycle, but does have the potential of growing into a perennial bush.

Use healthy seeds from a mature plant. Sow the Marihuanilla seeds, but be sure to leave them uncovered, or at best slightly covered (1-2mm) as they need direct exposure to light to germinate. Water the seeds with constraint as soggy or waterlogged beds won’t allow the seeds to sprout. If taken proper care of, the seeds germinate quickly (1-2 weeks from sowing them). Although the seedlings can grow in semi-shaded areas, it does bode well to place the plants in full sunlight with a temperature between 20 °C - 25 °C. It is recommended to start out growing your plants indoors until the first leave(s) are clearly visible, after which the seedlings can be taken outside after the risk of frost has passed.

Make sure the plant remains in full sunlight or semi-shaded areas. Marihuanilla prefers well-drained soil. Water the plant with restraint, making sure the soil is moist but not wet during the growing months.

Apart from regular sunlight and regular watering, Marihuanilla needs little care and grows quickly. It is important though, to regularly remove weeds from contesting for the nutrients and water in the soil. Do keep in mind that the plant can grow anywhere from 1 to 2 meters in height. It flowers during the summer months from July to September. As the plant is intolerant to frost it is recommended to take it indoors during the winter months.

Storage Advise

Keep Marihuanilla in its original packaging in a dry and cool place, out of the reach of children.


Marihuanilla is best avoided if pregnant or breastfeeding, and in children. Due to sedative effects, avoid driving or using heavy machinery when under the influence. It is not advised to take Marihuanilla if being treated for high blood pressure, diabetes, or hypoglycemia. Please refer to your healthcare practitioner before mixing Marihuanilla with any prescription drugs such as sedatives or antidepressants.

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Usage:Tea, Vaporizer
Content:50 g

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