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Sakae Naa (Combretum quadrangulare)Shredded, 50 g

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Sakae Naa is a small tree of the family Combretaceae. Sakae Naa is often used by native people as Kratom substitute in South Thailand, Laos and Myanmar since kratom is banned there.
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Combretum Quadrangulare, also known as Sakae Naa, is a relatively small Southeast Asian tree belonging to the Combretaceae family. Sakae Naa is native to several countries, including Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, the island of Sumatra, and Thailand. It has long been used for its energizing and mild sedative effects, similar to caffeine in the former case and without its addictive effects. It is also the foremost alternative to Kratom, although its effects are milder and less long-lasting.

History of Sakae Naa

Combretum Quadrangulare, more commonly known as Sakae Naa, is a tree growing in the wetlands and jungles of Southeast Asia. At its height it reaches not more than 10 meters, making it a relatively small tree. A distinctive feature of this tree is that all of its parts, including its wood, roots, seeds, and leaves, can be used for, and have pharmaceutical properties.

For hundreds of years, Sakae Naa has been traditionally used by the indigenous populations for a good number of uses. The laborers pluck the leaves directly off the tree and chew them whilst being fresh to best enjoy the energizing effects, helping them through their long days of manual work.

Sakae Naa may have been used for a long time by the indigenous peoples of its native habitats, but it was only since Thailand banned the use of Kratom in 1943, that Sakae Naa established itself as the foremost alternative to the former as Kratom users across Thailand switched from using Kratom leaves to using the leaves of the Sakae Naa tree. It has only recently started making its way out of the Southeast-Asian region in search of new horizons.

Even though Sakae Naa is gaining ground in favor of Kratom, its effects aren’t at all comparable, to say the least. It may have similarities in appearance, aroma, and taste, but whereas Kratom is also used for relaxation, mood enhancement, and relief from physical discomfort, Sakae Naa is mostly used for its energizing properties as those are its most potent effects. Furthermore, Sakae Naa doesn’t have as long-lasting effects as Kratom, which in turn makes it a much better choice as a pick-me-up.

Effects of Sakae Naa

When administered in the form of tea, or inhaled through the method of vaping, Sakae Naa has both energizing and slight sedative effects and can help;

  • Bring calm
  • Relax
  • Induce Euphoria
  • Energize

Sakae Naa Uses and Dosage

Sakae Naa can be made into tea or vaped with your preferred vaporizer.

To make Sakae Naa tea add 5-15g of dried herb to 1 cup of boiling water and let it seep for 10-15 minutes. A little honey can be added for taste.

Sakae Naa herb can be vaped by simply adding them to your favorite herb vaporizer along with your choice of base herbs or by themselves. Set the vaporizer temperature between 175 °C – 185 °C for optimal results.


Sakae Naa is best avoided if pregnant or breastfeeding and in children. It is not advised to drive or use heavy machinery when under the influence. It is not recommended to take Sakae Naa if being treated for high blood pressure, diabetes, or hypoglycemia. Please refer to your healthcare practitioner before mixing Sakae Naa with any prescription drugs such as sedatives or antidepressants.

Brand:Joy From Nature
Usage:Tea, Vaporizer
Content:50 g

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