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Ice-O-Lator Travel Pocket size

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The Ice-O-Lator Travel by the Pollinator from Amsterdam is one of the smallest systems out there. Its compact size make it easy to store away for when you are on the go.
Article number: 3097WH
Category: After harvest
Product information
The Ice-O-Lator Travel is the perfect tool for any cultivator that travels a lot. It consists of a 220 micron screen and a 70 micron screen to filter out the waste and catch your crystals. This smaller Ice-O-Later is suitable for up to 25 grams of dried plant matter.

With a simple design, the Ice-O-Lator Travel is easy to use. Using the water and ice extraction method the two screens make sure that dirt, dust and plant waste get left behind, ensuring that your end product is a great quality, pure substance.

It is recommended to use a kitchen sieve to loosen up the product and allow it to dry optimally (helping to prevent mold), as well as a thermometer in order to help monitor and maintain the correct water temperature of 4 degrees Celsius, (sieve and thermometer not supplied)