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Lactuca virosa (wild lettuce) Dried leaves

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Lactuca virosa, wild lettuce, or opium lettuce, is closely related to common lettuce and contains lactucarium. Lactucarium is also known as lettuce opium because of its sedative and analgesic properties similair to those of opium. It has been reported to promote a mild sensation of euphoria.
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Lactuca virosa

Lactuca virosa is a plant in the Lactuca genus, ingested often for its mild psychotropic effects which are often described as being similar to that of opium. Tribes in Pakistan India and Mexico use the herb to enhance the vividness of dreams. They believe that induced dream states provide more information about reality than the conscious waking state.

It is often called Wild Lettuce, Bitter lettuce, and Opium Lettuce. It can be found locally in the south east and east of England. In the rest of Great Britain it is very rare and in Ireland it is absent. It is also found in the Punjab Region of Pakistan India and Australia where it grows in the wild. In North America, it has been documented as introduced in California, Alabama, Iowa, and Washington, DC, and grows wild in other parts of the continent.

Lactuca virosa was used in the 19th century by physicians when opium could not be obtained. Wild lettuce has a dreamy effects similar to opium.
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