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Psychedelic herbs

Unlike herbs that induce familiar states of consciousness, like cheerful or relaxed, psychedelic herbs affect the mind in ways that result in experiences significantly different from those of ordinary consciousness. A psychedelic experience can come in many gradations ranging from a slightly different perception of reality, to a complete life-changing experience. Psychedelics can supplement many diverse practices including meditation, psychedelic and visionary art, psychonautics, and psychedelic therapy.


Psychedelics have a long history of traditional use in medicine and religion, where they are prized for their perceived ability to promote physical and mental healing. In this context, they are often known as entheogens, which means 'generating the divine within'.

General effects

The general effects of a psychedelic experience include brighter colors and sounds, visuals (i.e. things start to move and breathe), a distorted perception of space and time, hallucinations, sudden insights, and a significant change in the way you think and feel. Although most of these herbs only produce mild effects, it's always advised to use any type of drug in a safe environment with an experienced person around. If you are looking for a more intense experience, we recommend you to try magic mushrooms, mescaline cacti, or ayahuasca.
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