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PUFFiT-X Portable vaporizer

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The PUFFiT-X is a stealthy portable vaporizer shaped like an inhaler. It's one of the easiest vaporizers to use; set the desired temperature and with the press of a button, the PUFFiT-X will heat up within 45 seconds! No flame or gas required - rechargeable via USB.
Article number: 3865WH
Category: Portable vaporizers
Product information
The PUFFiT X has several new features in addition to the features shared with the PUFFiT original.

Portable convection heating (new)

Not seen in the original PUFFiT: the ability to vaporize with true convection heating. The PUFFiT X features a small internal fan which pushes the hot air through your herbs and releases a cloud of vapour through the mouth piece. Check out the demo video to see this great new feature in action. The fan speed can be adjust to several pre-set speeds.

Recharge (new)

The PUFFiT-X comes with an mini-USB to USB cable as well as a newly added AC charger which allows you to charge up to 80% in just one hour, so you'll never have to wait very long before being able to vape.

More accessories (new)

Version X comes packed with even more accessories straight out of the box. New additions included an EZ-fill funnel to help load the bowl without spilling herbs and a vaporizer stand. Replacement mouth pieces and cleaning tools are also included without extra charge.


The vaporizer is powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. At full capacity, expect between 80 - 100 draws of vapour. Charge time from empty to full is around 2 hours. USB rechargeable and featuring 90 seconds automatic shut off to avoid wasting battery life.

Temperature (updated)

There are 8 temperate settings ranging from 150°C - 220°C The heating time is an impressive 30 to 45 seconds and thanks to internal temperate sensors the vapour will stay smooth.


At only 9 cm in height and weighing in at only 75 gram, the PUFFiT-X certainly delivers on portability. A true pocket vaporizer.
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