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Rapé Tsunu5 g

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Indigenous tribes use rapé for spiritual purposes such as vision quests and trances.
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What is rapé?

The strong tobacco, called Nicotiana Rustica is chopped into very fine pieces before it's hung above a fire to dry. After that, it gets pulverized with a pestle made of rosewood, which gives the Rapé a nice, sweet flavour. After grinding, it is sieved and ground again. This process is repeated until a very fine powder is left.

In addition to tobacco, a mix of various plants and herbs is added to the rapé. As a result, many different types are available.

How to use rapé

The traditional way to take Rapé is the soplada where another person blows the powder into your nose. However, you can also take Rapé by yourself when you use a special wooden pipe called kuripe.


Rapé contains tobacco and nicotine.

Content:5 g

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