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Salvia sage 10X extract 1 g extract

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Salvia sage 10X standardized extract has 25 mg of salvinorin-A per gram of leaf and is for the guys that has a bit of experience with smoking salvia extract.
Category: Salvia divinorum
Product information
Salvia divinorum:

The Salvia divinorum plant grows in the remote mountains of Sierra Madre in Oaxaca, and is sacred by the Mazatec Indians living there. Salvia is also known under the names: ska Maria Pastora, Hierba Maria, hierba de la pastora, and lady salvia. The Mazatecs used the plant in rituals. The Salvia sage grows in tropical forests at alltitudes of 300 to 1800 meters. It is rarely seen in the wild, but fortunately it is cultivated all over the world so we can all enjoy it.
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