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Salvia sage 30X extract 0.5 g extract

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Salvia 30X standardized extract has 75 mg of salvinorin-A per gram of leaf so no need to tell you that this is only for the more experience salvia trippers.
Category: Salvia divinorum
Product information
The traditional use of Salvia divinorum sage by Mazatecs Indians is as follows: They take 13 pairs of leaves (26) and roll it until it looks like a cigar that is then placed in the mouth to chew. The juice is not swallowed but the active substance is absorbed by the salivary glands of the mouth. The effects of chewing the leaves are noticeable after 10 minutes and last about 45 minutes.

The leaves of the Salvia plant can also be smoked. To release the active compound, this should be done as hot as possible and a smoking in a pipe is often prefered. A joint has a lower burning point, which is not desirable. Except for tobacco, salvia, marijuana, and a few others, there are not many plants that can be smoked. Salvia divinorum is one of the few plants that causes a psychedelic trip when smoking the leaves.
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