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Tynanthus panurensis (clavo huasca) 50 grams powder

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Tynnanthus panurensis, clavo huasca, or clove vine is traditionally used as an aphrodisiac. Clavo huasca is also used in various ayahuasca recipes to help settle the stomach.
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Category: Ayahuasca, Aphrodisiac herbs
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Tynanthus panurensis, or clavo huasca, is a liana vine traditionally used as a tonic and energizer. The Shipibo-Conibo, Kayapó, and Assurini Indian tribes in the Amazon rainforest have used clavo huasca for centuries as a remedy for erectile dysfunction and strengthening sexual energy. It is also traditionally an ingredient of Ayahuasca, which is an herbal blend brewed by South American Indian shaman for connecting to the spirit world.

Clavo huasca is traditionally used as an aphrodisiac and is known as Cipo cravo.

Effects of clavo huasca

Clavohuasca is effective in stimulating libido, and sexual desire in men and women. It is most effective for male erectile dysfunction, and as a female aphrodisiac for pre-menopausal woman. Clavohuasca is also known to be effective at calming the stomach, increasing appetite and expelling gas.

How to use clavo huasca

The active chemicals in this plant are not very water soluble. It is best prepared as an alcohol tincture. Combine 1 part powder with 4 parts 90 proof alcohol (everclear or vodka). Allow to macerate for 2 weeks while agitating solution daily. Strain into a clean bottle and seal. It is traditionally taken in dosages of 2-3 ml (60 to 90 drops) 2-3 times daily.

Clavo huasca is also used as an adjunctive ingredient in various ayahuasca recipes (or taken shortly after taking the concoction) to settle the stomach. Don't use the tincture when you are trying to settle your stomach. In this situation use clavo huasca as an infusion. Take 1-2 teaspoons of the cut clavo huasca and mix it with a cup of (hot) water. Let the cut herb settle to the bottom of the cup, then drink the mixed liquid from the top (leave the sediment in the bottom).
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