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Voacanga africana 10 grams seeds

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Voacanga africana is a small tropical tree, the bark and seeds of which contain voacangine and voccamine, which are chemically related to ibogaine. In Africa this tree is used for its stimulating, aphrodisiac and psychedelic effects.
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Voacanga africana is a small tropical African tree that grows to 6m in height. The bark and seeds of the tree are used in Ghana as a poison, stimulant, aphrodisiac, and ceremonial psychedelic. These effects are due to the presence of a complex mixture of iboga alkaloids such as voacangine, voacamine, vobtusine, amataine, akuammidine, tabersonine, coronaridine and vobtusine.

Effects of voacanga

The effects can vary from stimulating, hallucinogenic to mildly aphrodisiac.

How to use voacanga seeds

Eat up to 50 grinded seeds for a mild trip. Keep doses low with voacanga, it has very uncomfortable side-effects in high doses. It is not a replacement for a high dose iboga experience. That said, it does give a nice electric feel and has many of the same benefits of low dose iboga in smaller doses.
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