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Salvia divinorum

The Salvia divinorum plant grows in the remote mountains of Sierra Madre in Oaxaca, and is sacred by the Mazatec Indians living there. Salvia is also known under the names: ska Maria Pastora, Hierba Maria, hierba de la pastora, and lady salvia. The Mazatecs used the plant in rituals and for medicinal purposes. The Salvia sage grows in tropical forests at alltitudes of 300 to 1800 meters. It is rarely seen in the wild, but fortunately it is cultivated all over the world so we can all enjoy it.

The person who introduced Salvia divinorum to Europe was Maria Sabina, a famous shaman from Mexico who is well known in the magic mushroom scene. She was a real pioneer and brought the first magic mushrooms to Europe. For her rituals, she mainly used these mushrooms, but sometimes she used the leaves of Salvia Divinorum. She wasn't really impressed with the effects of Salvia and found mushrooms to be much stronger, but sometimes she used it in her healing rituals when mushrooms were scarce. Salvia and magic mushrooms rituals are quite similar, probably because they both originate in the same region.


The seeds of the plant are not germinating. The plant multiplies by falling to the ground and by forming new roots from the stem. Therefore, Salvia is excellent to make cuttings. If you put cuttings in water, they will quickly take root. The Salvia divinorum cutting grows rapidly and can eventually be kept as a new mother plant to make new cuttings.

How Salvia is used

The traditional use of Salvia divinorum sage by Mazatecs Indians is as follows: They take 13 pairs of leaves (26) and roll it until it looks like a cigar that is then placed in the mouth to chew. The juice is not swallowed but the active substance is absorbed by the salivary glands of the mouth. The effects of chewing the leaves are noticeable after 10 minutes and last about 45 minutes.

The leaves of the Salvia plant can also be smoked. To release the active compound, this should be done as hot as possible and a smoking in a pipe is often prefered. A joint has a lower burning point, which is not desirable. Except for tobacco, salvia, marijuana, and a few others, there are not many plants that can be smoked. Salvia divinorum is one of the few plants that causes a psychedelic trip when smoking the leaves.

Effects of Salvia divinorum

The active compound, salvinorin A, is one of the most powerful psychoactive substances in the world and its effects can not be compared with anything else. It is active at doses as low as 200 μg. When lady salvia comes for you, she will take you on a journey that you will not forget. However, there is a group of people on who Salvia has almost no effect. The reason for this remains unclear. Some people on the other hand, are very sensitive and might find the high unpleasant. Most people who have tried Salvia sage report weird and unusual psychoactive effects that are not comparable to other hallucinogenic herbs. Intence visuals and out of body experiences are commonly reported.

Salvia divinorum extracts

Salvia divinorum is also available as extracts of different strengths, including 5X, 10X, 15X, 20X, 30X, 40X and 60X extracts. When you buy Salvia extracts, always ensure that the extract is standardized. This means that the active substance is extracted from the leaf and then brought back on the leaf with a predetermined number of milligrams, so you know exactly how much salvinorin there is in one gram.

Salvia divinorum is a powerful and sacred plant with curative powers and mind-altering effects. Do not underestimate the powers of this remarkable herb. Our potent high quality leaves are sustainably harvested by Mazatecs farmers who cultivate the plants in the remote highlands of the Sierra Mazateca in Mexico.