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Galium odoratum (sweet woodruff) 50 gram versnipperd

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Galium odoratum, in Nederland ook wel Lievevrouwebedstro genoemd, heeft kalmerende eigenschappen en kan daarnaast worden gebruikt als smaakmaker in een verscheidenheid aan gerechten en dranken.
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Galium odoratum (Sweetscented Bedstraw, sweet woodruff or wild baby's breath) is a flowering perennial plant native to much of Europe from Spain and Ireland to Russia, as well as Western Siberia, Turkey, Iran, the Caucasus, China and Japan. It is also sparingly naturalized in scattered locations in the United States and Canada. It is widely cultivated for its flowers and its sweet-smelling foliage. The plant emits a strong odor of freshly mown hay when it is crushed or cut. Aromatic intensity of the foliage increases when dried, thus dried leaves are popularly used in sachets or potpourris. Plants have also been used commercially in perfumes.

Effects of Galium odoratum

Sweet woodruff has gentle sedative properties and is also used to flavour various foods and drinks.

How to use Galium odoratum

Two to three handful of the slightly wilted or dried herb is poured over with white wine, left to stand for several hours and then drunk. The dried herb can also be placed in 40 percent alcohol (vodka) and left to stand overnight. On the next day strain, and fill up with white wine or champagne.


After the consumption of large amounts typical alcohol hangover symptoms can occur on the following day.
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