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Iolite "Original" Draagbare vaporizer

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Een kleine handzame vaporizer met dezelfde grootte als de gemiddelde smartphone. Doordat de Iolite Original op butaangas werkt, weegt hij bijna niets.
Artikelnummer: MISP-315BL/W
Categorie: Draagbare vaporizers
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Portable Vaporiser

iolite Vaporiser Features

* Patented Flameless butane catalytic heater and precision bi-metal thermostat, ensures herbs are heated not burned and no waiting in between pulls for heat up or cool down, for pure Smokeless Freedom.

* It’s Handy, fitting in the palm of your hand. A small portable, handheld, herbal vaporizer that is about the same size as a typical smartphone.

* It delivers. With a 500mg capacity of dried or fresh herb that will typically vaporise for 15 minutes, it produces a rich and flavoursome vapour.

* It’s Economical. A fill of butane gas will last for 2 hours of continuous vaporisation. No expensive batteries, car kits or similar accessories needed.

* It’s Simple. Flick the switch, hit the Piezo igniter and you are ready for the new Portable Revolution
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