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Paddo kweekset (1200cc) 100% mycelium

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In deze paddo kweekset van Worldherbals vind je alles wat je nodig hebt om makkelijk en snel je eigen magic mushrooms te kweken. Bevat een gekoloniseerd substraat, een kweekzak met filter en 2 paperclips.
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Categorie: Paddo's kweken
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The Worldherbals magic mushroom grow box contains everything you need to grow the trusted quality of Worldherbals magic mushrooms. The all-in-one grow box contains a 1200cc container filled with colonized substrate, a bag with air filter and 2 paperclips.

On average, these kits produce around 500 grams of fresh mushrooms each harvest. Each Grow Box yields a number of harvests.


Colombian - The Colombian mushrooms have a highly concentrated operation, which creates an intense experience that takes you to higher realms. This gives a more intense mushroom trip then the Mexican and Thai. The growth of the Colombian takes more time though.

Equadorian - The Ecuadorian mushrooms are very popular among the connoisseurs because of the pure effects that make the trip a wonderful experience. In terms of strength, they are similar to Colombian mushrooms.

Golden Teacher - The Golden Teacher teacher you about other dimensions and higher spheres and takes you to a place of wisdom and spirituality. this golden mushrooms shows you how to tripping. The Golden Teacher gives you a intense trip than, say, Colombian and Ecuadorian. It is the largest mushroom in the collection. They have hats that diameter of five inches.

McKennaii - McKennaii mushroom which is a stronger visual will open doors for you. Immersing yourself in a colorful coaster with McKennaii mushrooms. An unforgettable experience, A stronger trip under the Growkits does not exist!

Thai - This Worldherbals Growbox brings everything right home to you to grow the trusted quality of Worldherbals Magic Mushrooms. The All in one Grow Box contains besides the Grow Box, a growbag with air filters and 2 paper clips. The Thai mushroom is notorious for the magical, milkshakes happy that the Thai people and it makes state known for its high yield.

Mexicana - God's flesh, the sacred mushroom of the Aztecs. Mexican Myceliumbox cubensis, The real Teonanacatl Mushroom. The most common and well known strain of all cubensis for its distribution and ease cultivation among shroom-growers. This is a great strain for beginners because its so stable and fruits very easily.

B+ - B+ has the potential to produce enormous fruits, easily achieving a height of one foot (30cm) or greater. The mycelium in this myceliumbox has been developed on a rye-based substrate with a layer of vermiculite on top.

Cambodia - This is a very nice mushroom from South East Asia. The spores were discovered at the wellknown Angkor Wat temple, by the famous authority on hallucinogenic mushrooms, John Allen. This is one of the strains that is recommended for beginning mushroom cultivators.

Mazatapec - This is one of the finer strains from Mexico, and it's easy to cultivate. The size of the mushroom is average, and the cap is shaped unlike that of any other mushroom. One unique characteristic about this strain is the caps stay partially closed.

Substrate ingredients

100% mycelium.

Shelf life

Mushroom growing kits do have a definite shelf life, so use it as soon as you can after it arrives.


Read our online magic mushroom growkit manual »

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