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Paullinia cupana (guarana) 50 gram gepoederde zaden

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Paullinia cupana (guarana) is een plant afkomstig uit het Amazonegebied en in het bijzonder Brazilië. Guarana wordt beschouwd als een energizer. De zaden bevatten ongeveer tweemaal de concentratie cafeïne ten opzichte van koffiebonen.
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Guarana, or Paullinia cupana (syn. P. crysan, P. sorbilis), is a climbing plant in the maple family native to the Amazon basin and especially common in Brazil. Guarana is best known for its fruit, which is about the size of a coffee bean. The word guarana comes from the Guaraní word guara-ná, which has its origins in the Sateré-Maué word for the plant, warana, that in Tupi-Guarani means "fruit like the eyes of the people". The Guaranís would make an herbal tea by shelling, washing and drying the seeds, followed by pounding them into a fine powder.

Effects of guarana

Guarana is an effective stimulant. Its seeds contain about twice the concentration of caffeine found in coffee beans. Some people also consider guarana an aphrodisiac. As guarana is rich in caffeine, it is of interest for its potential effects on cognition. In rats, guarana increased memory retention and physical endurance when compared with a placebo.

How to use guarana

Add some guarana powder to water, fruit juice or hot milk. You might want to add some sugar or honey to mask the bitter taste.


People with cardiac problems or high blood pressure should avoid guarana (and smoking or drinking coffee, for that matter). When in doubt, consult your doctor.
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